Lifeguards for the Tech Pool

The Tech Partnership? Never heard of them? If you have any staff who you class as tech-enabled then have I got news for you…

Tech Partnership Logo

The Tech Partnership is a growing network of employers, collaborating to accelerate the growth of the digital economy, and Quicksilva is a member along with the “great and the good” of the technical sector. Quicksilva is an SME, but we identify with the agenda of the Tech Partnership, just as the giants of our industry do…and you probably will do too.

We believe that for the UK economy to grow, the digital economy has to grow to drive it along…and we can all support this aim by:

  • Inspiring young people to embark on technology careers;
  • Improving opportunities for apprentices and graduates;
  • Developing strategically important digital skills; and
  • Raising quality and standards in education and training.

So, it’s about investing in the future? Well yes, that’s a huge part of it, but there are benefits being delivered to the Tech Talent Pool from day one…and everyone in our industry needs to be a lifeguard, safeguarding the life of that valuable Pool.

The Tech Partnership is the place to go for tech training and development support for your company. Match funding for courses is available now and it is there for you to help make a difference to your team.

I will be making use of this fund myself and I wanted all our contacts both private and public sector be aware of what they are missing out on. Ask me about it next time we are in contact, or…

You could just Join us